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I am a freelance writer, editor and multimedia journalist based in Derbyshire, offering editorial and video services with dedication, attention to detail, energy and enthusiasm. Click here to see what I do  or  get in touch to discuss your projects - however big or small! 

Editorial Project Management

Q: How did the sub-editor comfort the writer?

A: There, their, they're.

Top 5 Journalism Hacks (You're Welcome)

It seems like everyone needs a good life hack now and again - and Journalists are no exception. Tight deadlines, stressed out editors, huge swathes of information to wade through and buckets of coffee...

25th September, 2015


Facebook Comes Full Circle

Facebook has come full circle! 'My Social Book' has recently been advertising its printed products, taking social media from its home online to...

1st September, 2015


Why Freelancers Rock

Coming soon!

7th September, 2015

Book Editing & Ghostwriting

Has your book been consigned to the scrapheap? Never been able to finish that biography? Contact Alice now to find out how her editing and ghostwriting services mean the difference between publication or pulverisation.

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Alice has media contacts in all corners of the world; from London to Dubai; Calgary to Dakar; Manila to Dublin. We're always making new friends, so contact us now to source professional researchers, local experts, freelancers, writers and multimedia journalists wherever you need them.


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